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Student Testimonies

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Student Testimonies - Frosh 101

Kellen Vu smiles facing the camera

"I decided to join Frosh 101 because I was nervous about finding my place in the community. At the start of the year, I felt like I had a lot of 'friendquaintances,' but no close friends. It was only because of Frosh 101 that I realized that this is a normal experience—many people feel the same way before finding their sense of belonging at Stanford." - Kellen Vu '23

Malaysia Atwater smiles facing the camera

"Coming into Stanford, I struggled a lot with adjusting to my new environment. However, Frosh 101 made my transition to Stanford so much easier because I was able to see that I was not alone in my struggles. I found a wonderful community and support system in my Frosh 101 section, which became increasingly helpful as the quarter progressed. I am so happy I took this class, and I highly encourage frosh to enroll!" - Malaysia Atwater, ‘23

"Frosh 101 is an awesome place to get vulnerable, talk through any stressors or questions you may have, and take time to relax and reflect. I would encourage taking Frosh 101 to have yet another opportunity to build community within your class and have a home base where you feel comfortable discussing how your transition is going!" - Erin Hirsch, ‘23

"Frosh 101 was a great way for me to have a set time to reflect on how I was transitioning to Stanford, how I was feeling that day or that week, and how I felt at home at Stanford. I really valued having a set space to talk about struggling to find spaces where I felt a sense of belonging and about how different Stanford felt compared to my high school. Additionally, Frosh 101 was a great way for me to meet people in my dorm whom I would've not otherwise met or gotten close to. My experiences with Frosh 101 helped me feel more comfortable opening up to other friends and having deeper, more substantial conversations about difficult topics." - Clarisse Hokia, ‘23

Student Testimonies - Transfer 101

Ariana Davarpanah smiles facing the camera

"Initially, I was a bit unsure about taking Transfer 101 because I thought that taking more units during my first quarter would be stressful and time-consuming, but Transfer 101 is exactly the opposite of that. Transfer 101 provided me with a safe space where I could meet other transfers, learn to adjust to Stanford, and honestly, a chance to just breathe. I think that the support provided by both the co-leads and one's transfer peers allow for a smooth transition to Stanford, and the bonds that are built in Transfer 101 will last far beyond the end of the quarter." Ariana Davarpanah (Transfer 101 co-lead, 2021-22)

Destiny Cunningham smiles facing the camera

"Transfer 101 is a great way to make lifelong friends while also developing the skills to help you survive the rest of your Stanford experience. After the first few weeks, you will see that this is more than a class. It is a place where you can find a sense of belonging, dismantle your feelings of imposter syndrome, learn about opportunities on campus, and connect with your peers. After a long day, I found that Transfer 101 helped me reflect on my emotions and experiences and reenergized me for the rest of my week." Destiny Cunningham (Transfer 101 co-lead, 2021-22)