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Apply to be a Co-Lead

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Co-leads play a significant role in shaping the transition of first-year students into the beginning of their Stanford experience. Students who co-lead are eager to facilitate small group discussions, engage in meaningful conversation with their peers, and build community within a cohort. As a co-lead, students will learn the research that serves as the foundation of the Frosh 101 and Transfer 101 curriculum, and how to apply it effectively within the sections they will lead. Come join a growing community of students who are passionate about the mission of Frosh 101 and Transfer 101!

Co-Lead Terminology

  • Program co-lead: Students who recently took Frosh 101 / Transfer 101 and want to lead a section (upon completion of below Training Courses).
  • Staff co-lead: Students who are serving as an RA or ETA in a dorm with frosh and want to lead a section in their residence.

Expectations and Responsibilities

  • Program co-leads only: Enroll in and complete UAR 194A (Frosh 101 and Transfer 101 – Leader Training) in the Spring and UAR 194B (Frosh 101 and Transfer 101 – Curriculum Training) in the Fall (see below Training Courses section for details).
  • Attend Co-Lead Orientation in the Fall.
  • Co-lead a weekly 80-minute section.
  • Regularly meet with your co-lead partner and plan class prior to each section.


  • All applicants must be eligible to work in the US. If hired, onboarding will require I-9 verification.
  • All student hiring is subject to University policy and guidelines for undergraduate student employment.
  • Any students interested in co-leading are welcome to apply; however, students who completed Frosh 101 or Transfer 101 will be given higher consideration for selection.
  • Co-leads must commit to leading an in-person section in the Fall. Students who are away from campus in the Fall (e.g., studying away, on a leave of absence, have graduated, etc.) are not eligible to participate.
  • Note for student-athletes: Serving as a co-lead is a paid position. Before applying for or committing to the position, student-athletes are encouraged to confer their eligibility with Compliance Services.


  • Student hires will be paid hourly, at a competitive range of $18.30 - $22.30, depending on experience.
  • Undergraduate students may work a maximum of 15 total hours each week, counting all campus jobs. Facilitating one section of Frosh 101/Transfer 101 will require approximately four hours per week.
  • While this is an hourly, non-exempt position subject to overtime rules and regulations, overtime is not expected and has not been authorized for this position.
  • Compensation will be issued over two pay periods per month, ending on the 15th and last day of each month.

Application Process (Program Co-Leads)

  • Determine if you are eligible and able to commit, and submit an application for consideration.
  • Note: staff co-leads do not need to complete the above application; outreach assessing interest in leading a section will be sent in August 2024 to all staff in houses with frosh.

Email with any questions about the application or the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get to choose my co-lead partner?
No—with over 100 co-leads, pairings are optimized based on co-leads’ availability during the many sections offered in the Fall. Co-leads will be informed of their pairings in September and will meet their partner during Co-Lead Orientation in early Fall quarter.

Do I get to choose the dorm I lead in?
While co-leads will be able to indicate their preference for the residence in which they would like to lead, we cannot guarantee that all preferences will be met during the matching process. Co-leads will be informed of their dorm assignments in September. 

Training Courses

Co-leads, charged with the responsibility of facilitating a curriculum designed to help new students transition to life at Stanford, must undergo a sequence of two training courses: UAR 194A (taken in the Spring) and UAR 194B (taken in the Fall). The UAR 194A/B course sequence seeks to provide facilitators with theory to practice expertise needed in order to lead their small group.

UAR 194A

In UAR 194A (Frosh 101 and Transfer 101 - Leader Training), students will engage in effective leadership by engaging with the following core topics/themes: inclusive teaching and facilitation skills, sense of belonging, healthy communities, diversity and inclusion, and purposeful living and learning. Students will read and discuss research associated with each topic and will practice facilitating activities within small groups. UAR 194A is offered on a Letter grading basis.

UAR 194B

Students will take UAR 194B (Frosh 101 and Transfer 101 - Curriculum Training) in the same quarter that they lead their Frosh 101 or Transfer 101 section. Students will receive weekly guidance from instructors and TAs tailored towards framing and execution of the activities in the curriculum. This course will focus on practicing facilitation activities and will serve as a space where students can regularly collaborate with their peer co-leads in troubleshooting issues that may arise in their Frosh 101 or Transfer 101 sections. UAR 194B is offered on a S/NC grading basis.