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Aaron Shkuda, assistant director of ITALIC, meeting with 2 of the student staff in the recently renovated library in Burbank Dorm.

Participating Dorms

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Frosh 101 is intended to be a residential based program where first year students will enroll in small sections within their assigned dorms. To ensure as many interested first year students can participate, the program has expanded over the years to offer sections in every dorm on campus that houses first year students. 

Each dorm will offer a varying amount of sections proportionate to the total number of first year students assigned to that dorm. Each section will be capped at 12 for the 2021-22 academic year. 

A list of every dorm that will offer Frosh 101 sections this year can be found below, organized by neighborhoods:

**Note: The following list of dorms will be updated with their unique section offerings and corresponding co-lead pairings once their sections have been finalized. Please check back in late August/early September!