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Program Overview

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Frosh/Transfer 101 is a discussion style course designed to help first-year students transition to Stanford's dynamic campus. In Frosh/Transfer 101, approximately 10 first year students  will come together each week to learn more about your peers, yourself, and who you will be in this new environment. Upperclass students will lead you through activities and discussions that will serve to build the foundation for a strong community that is inclusive of diversity and promotes emotional and social wellbeing. This course will also create space for you to reflect on your values and goals as you make important decisions about how you will navigate all that Stanford has to offer.

Program Components

Discussion-based curriculum covering four core topics related to the successful transition to college:

  • Building healthy community
  • Engaging diversity and inclusion
  • Developing a sense of belonging
  • Reflecting on personal goals and values
Pie graph diagram of the Frosh 101 Curriculum, split into the 4 modules: Healthy Communities, Diversity and Inclusion, Sense of Belonging, and Purposeful Living

Peer Communities

  • 90+ peer-led sections with 10 participants
  • Meeting locations within residences
  • Two peer co-leaders per section
  • Interactive and discussion-based activities

What to Expect

Format of Frosh/Transfer 101

  • First year students have the option to enroll in a two-unit course (UAR 101) consisting of 4 modules centered on the topics of health and well-being, diversity and inclusion, belonging, and purposeful living 
  • Participating students will be asked to enroll in sections based on their assigned dorm residence
  • Sections are co-facilitated by two upperclassmen, one of which is a leader that the Frosh/Transfer 101 program trained through the Frosh 101 Curriculum Leader Training Course: UAR 194B, and the other is a dorm staff member of the participating residential dorm
  • Each leader is responsible for organizing and teaching their assigned sections, which can range from 5 to 15 in size, depending on dorm, student interest, and availability

Program Goals

  • Students will gain insight about their own and others’ social identities, their personal values, and their sense of purpose
  • Students will gain a sense of belonging and inclusion within the program and to Stanford in general
  • Students will be able to identify strategies for making healthy choices at college, developing friendships, and managing stress
  • Students will gain confidence in their ability to pursue personal and academic interests
  • Students will understand how their personal decisions have the potential to impact others in academic, social, and residential contexts
  • Students will gain confidence in seeking advice and guidance from staff and other students
  • Students will gain confidence in their ability to participate in respectful conversations across difference

Students who complete Frosh/Transfer 101 in the Fall, and are interested in becoming a co-lead for the following year’s cohort of first year students are encouraged to apply! 

Learn more about how to become a Frosh/Transfer 101 Co-Lead here