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Teaching Assistants (TAs)

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UAR 194A and UAR 194B TAs (2022)

Eyerusalem Alemu

Eyerusalem Alemu, Frosh/Transfer 101 TA

Hi everyone! I’m super excited to be TAing Frosh101 this quarter. I took Frosh101 winter quarter my frosh year and have been involved with the program since. I had a great learning experience in both UAR194A and UAR194B and gained so much from my TAs, which I hope to bring to you all. I know leading a class can seem scary at first but, together, we’ll make sure you’re ready as can be! I hope we’ll also get the chance to develop friendships through this experience and get to know each other better :) 

David Durand

David Durand, Frosh/Transfer 101 TA

Hi I’m David. My pronouns are he/him. I’m a prospective product design major also studying Arabic. I’m from Tucson Arizona but my family is from Hermosillo Sonora, Mexico. Fun fact I LOVE iced tea.


Enrique Flores

Enrique Flores, Frosh/Transfer 101 TA

Hey everyone! I'm Enrique (he/him pronouns), and I'm from Keizer, Oregon. I'm a political science major and am thinking of minoring in modern languages and human rights with aspirations to attend law school in the future. Outside of school and Frosh 101, I'm a part of Stanford in Government, Stanford Habla, and Cardinal Policy Group. I also enjoy running, hiking, and learning languages. I'm stoked to get to know you all and am looking forward to having a great year :))

Jannah Kara Vira

Jannah Kara Vira, Frosh/Transfer 101 TA

Hi! My name is Jannah (she/her) and I am a Sophomore from Toronto, Canada majoring in Product Design! I am on the Marketing Team in Stanford Women in Business and also a member of Stanford Women in Design. I’m interested in human-interface design and social psychology. In my free time, I like to experiment with iPhone photography, make things, and dominate friends/family game nights! 

Jeremy Kim

Jeremy Kim, Frosh/Transfer 101 TA

Hi! I'm Jeremy. I'm from New York, and I'm studying math and computer science. In my free time, I enjoy riding roller coasters, reading books, and watching movies. I'm excited to be your TA!


Benjamin Limric

Benjamin Limric, Frosh/Transfer 101 TA

Ben is a senior planning on double majoring in music composition and public policy. He participates in Stanford in Government, serves on the Democracy Day coordinating committee, and was a past co-lead for FROSH 101. In his spare time, he enjoys performing on piano and cello, reading comics, and playing video games with friends. Ben is extremely excited to engage with future frosh in the Fall.

Devika Magdavkar

Devika Magdavkar, Frosh/Transfer 101 TA

Hi everyone! I'm Dev, I use she/her pronouns and I'm a sophomore studying Human Biology on the Brain & Behaviour track. Academically, I'm passionate about the connections between health and psychology, as well as health equity and public health. Co-leading Frosh 101 was one of the most rewarding experiences of my time at Stanford so far, and I am excited to join the TA cohort to help guide this next round of co-leads as they enter into this experience of leadership and growth. Out of class, you can find me singing with my a cappella group Stanford MixedCo and binging The Bachelor!

Lexie Maltzman

Lexie Maltzman, Frosh/Transfer 101 TA

Hi everyone! I'm Lexie (she/her), and I'm a junior studying English and minoring in Education. I'm from San Diego, CA, and I am so excited to be a TA this year! Some things I love: my family, my Bernese Mountain Dog named Scout, YA books, education, mental health, comedy, and more. I'd love to talk about any of the above, or anything else. Again, I'm really looking forward to this quarter with all of you wonderful people!

Kamau MuseMorris

Kamau MuseMorris, Frosh/Transfer 101 TA

Hi! My name is Kamau MuseMorris, and my hometown is St. Louis, Missouri. I’m a sophomore currently majoring in Economics with interest in International Relations. Like many students in the class of 2024, my Frosh year was filled with all online courses and very little peer-to-peer interaction. Frosh 101 served as an escape from the social isolation of online learning, and many of my section peers have become some of my best friends to this day. As a TA, I am ecstatic to pass along the positive experiences and lessons that I have gained from this program onto the next generation of Frosh 101 co-leads.

Arundathi Nair

Arundathi Nair, Frosh/Transfer 101 TA

Hi! My name is Aru (she/her) I’m so excited to get to work with you all this quarter! I’m a sophomore from Laramie, Wyoming studying Human Biology and Comparative Literature. I love hiking, playing boardgames, as well as listening and talking about music in my free time and I’m looking forward to hearing your song/artist recs. Storytelling in all its forms is one of my biggest passions because I think it has an incredible power to bring people together and I can’t wait to get to know all your stories. Frosh 101 was an incredible experience for me, and I am thrilled to be one of your TAs so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions or even just to chat :)

Ayesha Rahman

Ayesha Rahman, Frosh/Transfer 101 TA

Hi!! My name is Ayesha and I am currently a sophomore studying International Relations. I am interested in a lot but I am kind of moving between things right now. On and off-campus, I focus a lot on work relating to human rights. I am interested in reading, watching movies/shows, and basically consuming any and all forms of media possible. I've watched everything - twice.  I am so excited to be a Frosh 101 TA this year and I'm looking so forward to meeting you all!

Thalia Revilla

Thalia Revilla, Frosh/Transfer 101 TA

My name is Thalia Revilla and I'm originally from San Antonio, Texas. I'm a current sophomore who still doesn't know what they're studying, but that's okay! I have a lot of different interests and I'm super indecisive, so it's not the best combination at times... I also have lots of different hobbies like spending time with my dog, being outside, doing ceramics, listening to music, sleeping, and lots more. Feel free to reach out whenever-- so excited to meet y'all! 

Nathan Sala

Nathan Sala, Frosh/Transfer 101 TA

Hi! My name is Nathan (he/him) and I’m from the wonderful island of Guam! I’m a sophomore majoring in Biology, - I’d love to talk about how it's been navigating Stanford as a pre-med student. Co-leading Frosh 101 in the fall was one of the highlights of my quarter - I am so excited to help prepare you for the fun and challenges that come with co-leading in the fall. Outside of Frosh 101, I’m involved with a science mentorship program with local elementary schools, and pre-med APAMSA, the Asian/Pacific Islander interest pre-health organization on campus. Whenever I have time, I love watching anime, or exploring new places to eat near campus - I’d love to grab a meal with y’all sometime!

Houston Taylor

Houston Taylor, Frosh/Transfer 101 TA

Hi everyone! My name is Houston (she/her) and I'm a current sophomore studying Computer Science. After college, my plan is to go to law school and become an attorney (so I'll really be putting that major to use). I love music, knitting, roller skating, warm weather, and meeting new people. I'm thrilled to be a TA for the next round of co-leads, so feel free to reach out to me to talk about anything at all!

Rachel Wang

Rachel Wang, Frosh/Transfer 101 TA

Rachel Wang is a sophomore studying Symbolic Systems and Classics. Outside of the classroom, she is involved in Stanford Taiko, Asian Women's Alliance, and the Peer Facilitation Program. She loves engaging in conversations with people from different backgrounds and hopes to become a culturally compassionate facilitator. During her pastimes, Rachel enjoys watching anime, reading, journaling, and biking.

Emma Wong

Emma Wong, Frosh/Transfer 101 TA

Hi everyone, Emma here! I was born and raised in Hong Kong and am a sophomore planning to major in something in the Biomedical Computation and CS space. Both Frosh 101 and UAR 194A/B were great opportunities for me to make friends and reflect on my transition to Stanford, and I loved them! On campus, I'm involved in the international student community, the Hong Kong Stanford Association, and have music directed a couple of musicals! In my free time, you can find me hiking the Dish or playing guitar and singing. 

Tina Wong

Tina Wong, Frosh/Transfer 101 TA

My name is Tina, and I’m a rising senior at Stanford. Before starting college, I worked as a medic in the Army for four years after high school. I transferred to Stanford in Fall 2019 from College of San Mateo, where I first discovered the joy of studying Economics. I’m a fool for shrimp & grits, sitcoms and sleeping during car rides.  (Transfer 101 TA)

Frosh / Transfer 101 Head TAs (2022):

Darryl Thompson

Darryl Thompson, Frosh/Transfer 101 Head TA

Hi everyone! I'm Darryl, a junior from Ghana, majoring in Human Biology. Outside of class, I'm an RA in Branner Hall, and I'm the deputy chair for the Undergraduate Senate. I love watching and playing soccer, binge-watching ESPN FC on YouTube, and vibing to classical music, gospel and afrobeats. I'm thrilled to be a part of the program this year by supporting co-leads, TAs and eventually co-leading as well in the fall! It's so fulfilling to be a meaningful part of the frosh transition into the Stanford community. 

Zach Teplin

Zach Teplin, Frosh/Transfer 101 Head TA

Hi all! My name is Zach Teplin, and I am a current junior majoring in Biomechanical Engineering and minoring in Chemistry. Outside of classes, I have found my home at Stanford in communities such as the Club Swim Team, 6th Man Club, Stanford Undergrads in Mechanical Engineering, and more, truly enjoying the wide array of opportunities and people at this school. Over my past two years, one of the highlights of every week has been the opportunity to work with Frosh and help guide them in their transition to college as I found that I learned just as much from Frosh as I hope they did in sections with me. Looking forward to working with everyone!