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Student Testimonies

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Frosh/Transfer 101 is a program that is centers the needs and experiences of the individual student as they begin their transition into Stanford. Hear from past participants about their experience in Frosh/Transfer 101!

Student Spotlights

Malaysia Atwater

"Coming into Stanford, I struggled a lot with adjusting to my new environment. However, Frosh 101 made my transition to Stanford so much easier because I was able to see that I was not alone in my struggles. I found a wonderful community and support system in my Frosh 101 section, which became increasingly helpful as the quarter progressed. I am so happy I took this class, and I highly encourage frosh to enroll!!"
Malaysia Atwater, ‘23

Zach Teplin

"The highlight of Frosh 101 every single week for me was hands-down Spotlights. In those 5-10 (or sometimes 15) minutes, I would learn more about an individual than I could in a typical 2-3 month span of the normal process of becoming friends. It was incredible to listen to my peers completely open up for relative strangers week after week, but it was the most powerful part of the class for me."
Zach Teplin, ‘23

Kellen Vu

"More now than ever, it's important to make an effort to connect with your peers. Because classes are online, it can be difficult to make friends, so Frosh 101 will be a great opportunity to meet new people. Plus, you will appreciate the chance to de-stress and reflect each week, especially with so many things going on in the world."
Kellen Vu, ‘23


Why did you decide to join Frosh/Transfer 101?

  • "I honestly joined to make friends. NSO is such a friendless, isolating experience and moving across the country was so disorienting, and I thought Frosh 101 might be able to help me adjust. Luckily it did!"
    Jo Leuenberger, ‘23
  • "I decided to join Frosh 101 because I was nervous about finding my place in the community. At the start of the year, I felt like I had a lot of "friendquaintances," but no close friends. It was only because of Frosh 101 that I realized that this is a normal experience--many people feel the same way before finding their sense of belonging at Stanford."
    Kellen Vu, ‘23
  • "One thing I struggled with in highschool was finding a way to willing open up to more than two to three friends. I liked my ability to "keep my cards close", but I quickly found that I wanted to change that when I started college. Frosh 101 is an excellent opportunity to begin learning how to be vulnerable and honest with others, especially because the groups are small. I found that listening to others share about their stories encouraged me to do the same. Also, many of the people in my group became my closest friends in the dorm because of our time in Frosh 101."
    Zach Teplin, ‘23

Why should I participate in Frosh/Transfer 101 as an incoming first year student?

  • "It allows you to be vulnerable and connect to students you otherwise may have never known about within your dorm."
    Jenna Ruzekowicz, ‘23
  • "Frosh 101 is an awesome place to get vulnerable, talk through any stressors or questions you may have, and take time to relax and reflect. Especially given the unique circumstances for the 2020 school year, I would encourage taking Frosh 101 to have yet another opportunity to build community within your class and have a home base where you feel comfortable discussing how your transition is going!"
    Erin Hirsch, ‘23
  • "I met some of my best friends at Stanford in Frosh 101. About half the people in my Frosh 101 are people I would consider close friends, and regardless of if we established a friendship or not, everyone in it was so lovely and supportive. Many of them enjoyed it so much that they're coming back as co-leads, myself included. Stanford can be so overwhelming, but Frosh 101 helped me acclimate like nothing else. Plus, it's an easy way to squeeze in two units."
    Jo Leuenberger, ‘23

How has Frosh/Transfer 101 shaped my college experience and/or personal growth at Stanford?

  • "Frosh 101 allowed me to approach my Stanford experience with greater attention to the importance of identity, empathy and meaningful connection to others."
    Cameron Linhares-Huang, ‘23
  • "Frosh 101 definitely helped me transition to Stanford much quicker than I anticipated. Learning how to listen to others stories and share my own allowed me to form lasting connections and friendships in just the first few weeks of fall. I also think I really matured as a person as my group exposed me to many backgrounds that were not present in my hometown."
    Zach Teplin, ‘23
  • "Just having a space where I could talk openly has been so helpful. Yet again, so many of my close friends were in my Frosh 101 and the fact that we all lived together definitely helped instill the feeling of belonging not only at Stanford, but in my dorm. I feel like Stanford is where I'm supposed to be even if my mind can't fully comprehend it sometimes, and I credit that to the relationships I formed in Frosh 101."
    Jo Leuenberger, ‘23

What is the significance of Frosh/Transfer 101 at Stanford?

  • "Frosh 101 was a great way for me to have a set time to reflect on how I was transitioning to Stanford, how I was feeling that day or that week, and how I felt at home at Stanford. I really valued having a set space to talk about struggling to find spaces where I felt a sense of belonging and about how different Stanford felt compared to my high school. Additionally, Frosh 101 was a great way for me to meet people in my dorm whom I would've not otherwise met or gotten close to. My experiences with Frosh 101 helped me feel more comfortable opening up to other friends and having deeper, more substantial conversations about difficult topics. "
    Clarisse Hokia, ‘23 
  • "These classes encourage students to maintain their mental health and seek a support system amidst a competitive environment where Imposter and Duck Syndrome reign. These classes are wonderful with introducing students to Stanford's cultural and social norms by informing students of actions that reflect respect towards diverse groups."
    Tina Wong, ‘22 

  • "Frosh 101 is the family time you miss out on at home, with a family different from any other you will find at Stanford - a community welcoming of your identity, your tory, your vulnerability, your personality, and every space of you in between."
    Jack Petrison, ‘21