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Instructor and Staff Profiles

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Patti Hanlon-Baker

Sweet Hall 128A | Contact Email:

Patti Hanlon-Baker

Patti Hanlon-Baker is the Director of Frosh & Transfer 101. Prior to joining the Frosh 101 team, Patti served as the Associate Director of Stanford’s Program in Feminism, Gender & Sexuality Studies, and before that she served as a lecturer in the Program in Writing & Rhetoric while also serving as the Assistant Director of the Hume Center for Writing & Speaking. Prior to joining the Stanford community, Patti taught writing, rhetoric, and literature courses at colleges in both Nevada and Connecticut. 

Patti was on the original planning committee for Frosh 101, where she collaborated with the former director and colleagues across campus to design parts of the program.  As a Resident Fellow in an all-frosh dorm, she identified the value of a course that creates space for frosh to reflect on who they are as they transition to college as well as for them to support others in building community, so she was eager to participate. The dorm where Patti serves was one of the first to offer the pilot, and after observing the success of the program for individuals and the community, she is thrilled to now be part of the leadership team.

She has a PhD and Master's in Writing & Rhetorical Studies from the University of Nevada, Reno. During her graduate work, she focused on ways in which language shapes one’s experience, personal choices, identity, and sense of belonging. Those early studies continue to drive her professional work. In both of her prior positions at Stanford, she taught courses with a focus on access and equity, specifically around the impact of gender on politics, in social movements, in athletics, and in the media.

When she’s not working, she spends time on the side of a soccer field watching her teens play, experimenting with cooking new recipes, and reading mysteries. 

Courtney Peña

Sweet Hall 127A | Contact Email:

Courtney Pena, Frosh/Transfer 101 Assistant Director

Courtney Peña is the Assistant Director for Frosh & Transfer 101. Prior to joining the VPUE, Courtney completed her PhD in the Graduate School of Education at Stanford where she researched issues of equity, inclusion, and accessibility in education. Courtney began her higher ed journey as a FLI community college student before transferring to Arizona State University where she completed her B.A. in Spanish and M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction. She worked for several years as a research specialist at ASU prior to beginning her doctoral program at Stanford in 2013. She has published research on critical pedagogy as well as issues of diversity in higher education.

From 2014-2018, Courtney was the program coordinator for the Frosh Scholars Program, a mentorship-based transition program hosted by El Centro Chicano y Latino and Academic Advising. She also served as a Graduate Scholar-in-Residence at El Centro from 2017-2019 and was awarded the Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award in 2017 for her work with both undergraduate and graduate student mentorship on campus. She is passionate about building intentional communities where students can grow and belong and was awarded the Community Impact Award from the Stanford Alumni Association in 2018 as well as the VPGE's Community Award in 2019. Courtney is a Stanford DARE Fellow as well as a former EDGE and Haas GPS Fellow. She has been an instructor and teaching assistant for more than 30 undergraduate courses at Stanford and brings her expertise in teaching, research, and programming to the Frosh & Transfer 101 team. 

Steven Doan

Sweet Hall 126A | Contact Email:

Steven Doan

Steven Doan is the Program Coordinator of Frosh & Transfer 101 at Stanford. Prior to joining the Frosh 101 team, he pursued a B.S. with Honors in Science, Technology, and Society at Stanford University before graduating in the summer of 2019. As the Program Coordinator of Frosh 101, he draws upon his experiences as a former undergraduate to provide a student perspective and understanding to the programs and curriculum of Frosh 101. While at Stanford, Steven was heavily involved in the Stanford Vietnamese Student Association (SVSA) and Mua Lac Hong (MLH), where he was able to support frosh and fellow undergraduates in creating a welcoming community for them to explore and celebrate their connections with Vietnamese culture and identity. His involvement in the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community through these organizations eventually led him to staff at the Asian American Activities Center (A3C) during his senior year, where he focused on creating spaces in which undergraduates could engage with and obtain resources for mental health topics relevant to the AAPI community through speaker-led workshops. In addition to working with students and fostering community, Steven is an avid lover of food and is always looking for chances to try new cuisines and restaurants in the Bay Area. In his free time, Steven enjoys working out, watching anime, reading horror stories, and learning how to cook (better).