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Enroll in Frosh / Transfer 101

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Frosh/Transfer 101 is a residential-based program, so students are encouraged to refrain from enrolling through Axess until they have confirmed their final housing assignment. The course listing for the class should be listed as UAR 101 in ExploreCourses, but there are multiple courses within that designation, broken down into the 20+ dormitories that first year students can be placed in. 

See the current class listings on ExploreCourses 

Within each “dorm course” are a set number of sections associated with the residence, which will each be led by a unique pair of co-leads. Please choose one section that aligns with your availability, and refrain from enrolling in multiple Frosh/Transfer 101 sections at a time. 

Note that there will be a limited number of spaces available in any particular section, which is intended to keep each Frosh/Transfer 101 group from getting too large. If the section you are trying to enroll in has hit its enrollment cap, consider whether you can possibly enroll in one of the other sections in your dorm first. Contact us at if you cannot enroll in any section due to enrollment caps and availability concerns. 

What Dorms Are Participating in Frosh/Transfer 101?

Please see the full list of student dormitories that are participating in Frosh/Transfer 101 in Fall 2021 below!

Still Uncertain Whether Frosh/Transfer 101 is for You?

Read testimonies from previous students who have participated in the course!